The Historical Center is the postcard of São Luís. With streets drawn in the 1700s, it gathers about 3500 buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The compound, which includes hundreds of houses coated with European tiles, mainly Portuguese, was declared World Heritage by UNESCO

A stroll through the cobbled streets of the Historic Center leads to very special points, such as the Palácio dos Leões, the seat of government of the state of Maranhão, the almost bicentennial Teatro Arthur Azevedo, the Casa das Tulhas, the Matriz da Sé and the Beco Catarina Mina. Among the most representative streets, are Rua do Trapiche, the Rua Portugal and Rua do Giz.

Still in the Historic Center, you must visit the Fonte das Pedras and the Fonte do Ribeirão, built in 1615 and 1798 respectively for the water supply of the city.

Along with the most authentic handicrafts, the Bumba meu Boi and Tambor de Mina, two manifestations of the culture of Maranhão, are very well represented in the Museu Histórico e Artístico, at Casa de Nhozinho and at Centro de Cultura Popular.

Enjoy São Luís!