The Arroz de Cuxá prepared with vinegar leaves, dried shrimp, cassava flour, sesame and fresh shrimp is the main representative of the cuisine of São Luís. Besides, there is the Torta de Camarão, a kind of frittata served with rice and manioc. You’ll find both at regional food restaurants, along with the traditional jerked beef roast accompanied by Baião de Dois – rice, beans, jerked beef and bits of cheese curds – porridge of milk, string bean and clarified butter.

Fish and seafood like shrimp and crabs have a prominent place in the cuisine of São Luís and are the strong points in many restaurants in town.

The SENAC restaurant, as it happens in other Brazilian cities, in addition to functioning as a school of gastronomy, offers a very correct menu, which merges the classic international cuisine with delicious regional dishes.

Moreover, many restaurants bet on the most varied recipes and specialties and, as one would naturally expect, they earn a great number of admirers.