Concentrating the most traditional professional and, also, residential addresses in São Paulo, it was natural that this area would welcome an entire plethora of the highest level gastronomic places.

The São Paulo restaurant network exceeds any expectation. Uncountable specialties and high quality join the charm of ambiances created with the finest competences. Italian cuisine leads the list, followed by contemporary, French, Arabic, Argentinian cooking… And Brazilian. In Santo Amaro and Moema, excellent beer pubs excel in German cuisine. And steak houses are everywhere, in the simplest or more sophisticated configurations. All the flavors are present at the South Zone.

Bakeries, the preferred choice of “Paulistanos” for breakfast, offer breads, pastries and other delicacies to start the day in peace with life. And the pubs close the circuit, filling the evenings with deserved relaxation after a full day’s work.