The biggest attraction of Terezina, when you think about shopping, is in Poti Velho, old fishing village annexed to the city only in the mid-twentieth century. There, the Polo Cerâmico do Poti Velho offers the most traditional Piauiense crafts: ceramics. Jars, pots, dinner sets, decorative objects, necklaces, bracelets… varied pieces that the vocation for working in clay turns into beautiful memories for you to take home. Where there were only brick making ovens to produce modest bricks and clay pots, there is today an organized center, which brings together potters and optimizes the dissemination and sale of their work. Natural size or miniature sculptures that depict Poti women – the potter, the fisherman, the religious and the little of beads one – are among the favorites.

For those seeking handicrafts in wood, fiber, leather, Buriti stalks, straw and other natural materials, the right address is the Central de Artesanato Mestre Dezinho, located in the beautiful building of the Praça Dom Pedro II that once housed the headquarters of the Military Police of Piauí, or the Mercado Central .