Customs that influence the cuisine of Terezina come from hinterland, where the meats are greatly appreciated. Alongside the jerked beef, lightly salted and dried in the sun, fresh goat meat is a favorite, followed by mutton, beef and poultry.

Among the most traditional dishes are the roasted goat, the Arroz de Maria Isabel (Mary Elizabeth Rice), that is, rice with jerked beef, the Capote or guinea fowls, the Capão Cheio or stuffed cock, the Capiau or jerked beef with cassava and the Sabarrulho, dish of Portuguese origin made with tripe, sausage and meat, usually lamb. The smell of peppers and spices such as coriander and chives, are always present in these vigorous dishes.

Besides the meats, the delicious Peixada de Piratinga, a stew of freshwater fish with no scales and baked crab are on the menu of several restaurants. In many of them, sometimes quite rustic, friends and couples gather for happy hours where the conversation goes on and on as the ritual of breaking the crab shells with a wooden mallet and savoring its interior au naturel unfolds.

And to sweeten the tooth, candies made from orange and lemon peels, Alfenins (sugar candies of various shapes) and Bolo de Goma (cake made with tapioca flower).