At Galpão das Paneleiras, at Mercado São Sebastião, at Mercado Capixaba or at Feira da Praça dos Namorados, you will find the best and most varied Capixaba handicraft.

Clay pots or crocks at Galpão das Paneleiras, spices, condiments, canned stuff and liqueurs at Mercado São Sebastião, craft in clay, wood bowls, bamboo or straw boxes and baskets, cattail and decorative objects at Mercado Capixaba.

At Feira da Praça dos Namorados, on Saturdays and Sundays, more than 150 stalls sell everything. Carpets, bed, bath and table linen embroidered or hand painted, handmade handbags and footwear, jewelry, rag dolls, puppets, toys, games, little boats carved in wood, food, snacks and sweets.

There are also small shops, scattered here and there where, with no hurry and listening to what the seller has to tell, one discovers nice pieces to take home, put on the shelf and keep remembering the good time spent in Vitória.