One of the first cities in the country, Vitória was practically rebuilt in the beginning of the twentieth century, but its historic center, in Cidade Alta, still keeps many buildings of that time.

The oldest is the Capela de Santa Luzia, made of stone and oyster lime and erected in 1537, even before the city was founded.

The Palácio Anchieta, another monument at the Historic Center, was built to be a Jesuit learning institution and, until 1760, housed the Colégio São Thiago. After the Jesuits were expelled, the building was incorporated to the National Heritage and became the seat of government. Between 1908 and 1912, it had its façade renewed, and lost its baseline characteristics.

From the same time, the frontispiece of the Convento São Francisco, all that remained of the original architectural ensemble, marks the place where the first monastery in southern Brazil colony was built.

Still at the Historic Center: the Catedral Metropolitana, the Theatro Carlos Gomes, the Igreja de São Gonçalo, the Igreja do Carmo and the Igreja do Rosário.

And out of it, the Museu Solar Monjardim, which is in an old farm house, a beautiful example of rural architecture of colonial times.

Enjoy Vitória!