Belo Horizonte

BH, for friends. According to some, one of the best cities in Latin America to do business, according to others, national capital of pubs. Enterprising, bustling, exceptional cuisine, fantastic architecture surrounded by mountains, privileged cultural heritage. A very mineiro way of life.


A luminous sky that dazzles the brilliance of power and a horizon that is so ample that it makes people realize their real dimension. Under the placidity of the monuments, the bustling of the gears running the country is felt and covers the city with an enigmatic and seductive atmosphere. Brasilia is an uncommon sensation.


The sails of Mucuripe… sails in songs. The constant and fresh breeze, a beach resort appearance, modernity and good humor, beach umbrellas and flirting. Swinging the whole week long, forró to dance embraced, axé, surf music, pop-rock and samba. Macaxeira and baião de dois, cashew and cajá, red porgy and lobster, crab and tapioca. Mr. José, Mrs Maria, Fortaleza is delicious!


Frevo, afoxé, maculelê, maracatu, ciranda, coco, caboclinho, xaxado, baião and xote. These are all rhythms. Breakfast with cabidela chicken, cassava and sun dried beef at the Mercado da Madalena, catamaran in the Capibaripe nights, ships sunk in the sea, erotic sculptures in a surreal garden. All this is Recife. It is a beach town, with plenty of bridges, full of life, welcoming, fervent.

Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, between the sea and the mountains is a metropolis with a permanent holiday climate. The sun is strong, the sea air puts salt into the smiles, curves happily parade on the  Portuguese mosaic sidewalks. A dive, a little coconut water, a careless promenade and a stretch into nightlife.  Rio de Janeiro: a great place.


São Salvador, Bahia de São Salvador, land of Our Lord, a piece of land that belongs to me… Only a poet could describe the city’s beauty and the people from Salvador. Perfect miscegenation translated into an authentic Brazilian-ness profile, in which the predominant traces are those of cordiality, religiousness and happiness. Capoeira, ganzá, berimbau, vatapá and acarajé, Jorge Amado, Zumbi, Castro Alves, Caetano and Caribé… You’re in Bahia, my King!