Preserved as Belo Horizonte Cultural Heritage, the Governador Magalhães Pinto Stadium was entirely refurbished to comply with the FIFA’s demands and was reopened to the public in December of 2012. The premiere of the Campeonato Mineiro, on February 03, 2013, was the first game held there after refurbishing. With a capacity for 62,170 spectators, the Mineirão will host Tahiti x Nigeria, on June 17th, Japan x Mexico, on June 22nd, and the semifinal 1A x 2B, on June 26th.
Capacity:  62.547
Games: 17/06 – Taiti x Nigéria
22/06 – Japão e México1A x 2B – 26 jun
26/06 – 1A x 2B

Mané Garrincha

After extensive refurbishing, the Brasilia Mané Garrincha National Stadium will open its doors transformed into a multi-sports arena 71,400 seats. Its cover, consisting of a structure made of cables and metallic beams is lined with 90 thousand m² of translucent membrane with special cleaning properties which is one of the technical innovations for the arena. On the opening day of the Confederations Cup, on June 15, the Mané Garrincha will host Brazil x Japan.
Capacity: 72.000
Games: 15/06 – Brasil x Japão


The refurbishing of Castelão, the Governador Plácido Castelo Stadium, gave Fortaleza a multi-sports space that, in addition to the stadium itself, includes a gymnasium, a swimming-pool and an Olympic center. In addition to the sports complex, the revitalization of the district of Passaré has also been planned. In this Confederations Cup, the new Castelão, with a capacity for 64,846 spectators, will host Brazil x Mexico, on the 19th, Spain x Nigeria, on the 23rd, and the semifinal 1B x 2nd, on June 27th.

Capacity: 64.846
Games:19/06 – Brasil x México

Arena Pernambuco

Even though Recife is the official headquarters of this Confederations Cup, the Arena Pernambuco was built in São Lourenço da Mata, 19 km from the capital. The solar power plant included in the project generates 1MW of power, that, when not needed for the Arena’s needs, is directed to the distribution network. With a capacity for 43,154 spectators distributed among bleachers, boxes and premium seats, the Arena will host Spain x Uruguay, on June 16th, Japan x Italy, on June 19th, and Uruguay x Tahiti, on June 23rd.
Capacity: 46.000
Games: 16/06 Espanha x Uruguai
19/06 – Japão x Itália
23/06 – Uruguai x Taiti


Now completely refurbished and with a capacity for 78,838 spectators, the Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, better known as Maracanã, had been built for the 1950 Soccer World Cup. Inauguration took place on June 16 of that same year, with a friendly game between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Its lawn held soccer’s historic moments and, in this Confederations Cup it will be hosting Mexico x Italy, on June 16th, Spain x Tahiti, on the 20th and the Final, on June 30th.
Capacity: 78.639
Games: 16/06 – México x Itália
20/06 – Espanha x Taiti
30/06 – Final

Arena Fonte Nova

fonte nova
Built where the old Octávio Mangabeira Stadium used to be, the Fonte Nova Arena is the result from a partnership between the State Government of Bahia and concessionaire FNP. Its vertical structure puts the spectator closer to the spectacle and modern illumination technique allows  the projection of different colors according to the event. Holding 48,747 covered seats and 90 box seats, Fonte Nova will host Uruguay x Nigeria, on the 20th, Brazil x Italy, on the 22nd and P13 x P14, on June 30.
Capacity: 50.000
Games: 20/06 – Uruguai x Nigéria 
22/06  – Brasil x Itália
30/06 – P13 x P14 | L13 x L14